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Plumb Line Training Inc realizes that some of our Registers cannot afford the full fees listed above. Therefore, we are offering solutions based upon your ability to pay. Our goal is to receive donations to fund our mission of training and education to help recruit, employ the unemployed, underemployed, and others interested in a career in the Eco-industry. Also, we want recruits to know how to help keep the earth's natural resources given to us from Above for the next generation to enjoy.

Please contact us @ (901) 614-9300 to discuss your discount. nonprofit online classes

Volunteer Discounts:

Plumb Line Training invite those that cannot pay for the course of their choice listed above to volunteer by helping to raise money for our cause or do environmental community service. 

Volunteers' hours will be established according to the type of course chosen by the student. The volunteer may be instructed to report to another non-profit organization, of whom; the mission is to keep the earth clean and safe or to their city, community, neighborhood and more that needs or requesting volunteers.

Regardless of your location, you are required!

Call Us @ (901) 614-9300 nonprofit online classes

Spread The Word Discounts:

Tell others about our mission and encourage them to donate. Each time someone donates, another person gets training and education in the area of there choice. 

Spread The Word  and Donate Today! nonprofit online classes