Certified Child Care Worker



The course for child care professionals seeking to fulfill state-mandated training requirements or obtain hours toward the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credential.


Assist in receiving the Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credential.


Students will learn . stages of childhood development . best practices in childhood behavior management . childhood cognitive levels and development . childhood emotional levels and development . ethical issues in childcare

ASSESSMENT: To receive official credit for the courses, participants must pass a course exam


Section 1 : Introduction to Child Care-giving

. Development Theories

. Section 1 Quiz

Section 2: Observing, Recording, and Assessing Children Development

. Social-Emotional Development

. Principles of Child Development

. Gross and Fine Motor Development

. Mixed-Age Groups

. Section 2 Quiz

Section 3: Keeping Infants/Toddlers Safe

. Safe Spaces

. Sun Safety

. Sanitation for Disease Prevention

. Understanding and Managing Allergies

. Transportation Safety

. Emergency Preparedness

. Section 3 Quiz

Section 4: Child Care Management

. Parent Conferencing

. Creating Schedules and Routines Course Description

. Section 4 Quiz

Section 5: Selected Topics

. Abuse and Neglect

. Childhood Obesity

. Toilet Learning

. Language Development

. Section 5 Quiz



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