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Our Team

Our fantastic team and volunteers are committed to preserving the earth resources while helping the unemployed, under-employed and others receive training and education necessary to work in the Eco-Industry

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Our Vision


 Seeing a need for additional training and education in the environmental industry, we formed Plumb Line Training Inc. (a non-profit organization) to help provide a  solution to the wastefulness of earth resources while helping those that want a career in the Environmental Industry

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Plumb Line Training helps communities prosper.

Our Mission - Business Core - Training & Awareness


Plumb Line Training Inc. mission is to recruit, train, educate, certify, and license candidates to work in the Environmental Industry. 

Our business core is to develop an environmental training and job placement workforce to help locals, unemployed, under-employed and others with various educational backgrounds, ethnicity, in locations with the skills needed to secure full-time employment in the Environmental Industry.

 Candidates that finish the safety and training programs will receive certificates, license or both and will have the opportunity to be placed with a company to gain on the job experience with the skills needed to secure full-time employment in the environment field. In particular, but not limited to; Utility Sector, Nuclear Energy Industry, Waste Management and Remediation Industry as well as other environmental industries that employs and provide services to help maintain

Plumb Line wants the recruits to be aware of the wastefulness of earth resources, the ability to utilize new technology to help save earth from devastation due to humankind carelessness and for the next generation to experience clean air, water, and other natural resources. 

Training of candidates is according to DOT, EPA, and OSHA guidelines, policies, rules, and regulations. Upon completion of training, candidates will receive a certificate, license or both of which; will enable them to find full-time employment in the Environmental -Green- Utilities Industry.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to train and educate the unemployed, under-employed, and others interested in working in the Green Industry. Your generous  donation will fund our mission.

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