Environmental Training And Education Platforms

Utilities and Infrastructure Training


The Utilities Industry- This platform consists of three (3) sectors

 that include water and sewage, waste, electrical power transmission, airports, dams, and natural gas delivery.  

Students are trained, certified, and license to work with Pipe installation, Sanitary and Storm Pump Stations,  Sewer, Wastewater, Water, construction and operation of  other Treatment facilities and more. After completion, students will be eligible  to become employed with companies who hire;

CCTV Camera Sewer Operators

Smoke Testers

Utility Inspector

Treatment Plant Operators

Power Plant Operators

Pipe-layers (gas, oil, and water)



And More...

Start your training class today for utility cleaning, inspection, structure, repair, and more with new technology.

NAICS 2211 - Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

NAICS 2212 - Natural Gas Distribution

NAICS 2213- Water, Sewage, and Other Systems

NAICS Code: 22118 - Other Electric 


Nuclear Energy Industry Training


The Nuclear Energy Industry- This platform trains students to become employed with companies that utilize;

Geothermal Plants

Wind and Solar Energy Farms

Power Plant Operators

Field Service Engineers

 Compliance and nuclear audit engineers  

 Fieldwork supervisors  

 Nuclear technicians

And Other trained specialists in the field

 Nuclear power is the use of nuclear reactions that release nuclear energy to generate heat, which most frequently is then used in steam turbines to produce electricity in a nuclear power plant. As a nuclear technology, nuclear power can be obtained from nuclear fission, nuclear decay and nuclear fusion reactions. Wikipedia 

Nuclear energy can be used for various industrial applications, such as seawater desalination, hydrogen production, district heating or cooling, the extraction of tertiary oil resources and process heat applications such as co-generation, coal to liquids conversion and assistance in the synthesis of chemical.

Start your class today and start a rewarding career with excellent pay and benefits!

NAICS Code: 22118 - Other Electric Power Generation

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Waste Management and Remediation Industry Training


The Waste Management and Remediation Industry - This platform trains students to become employed with companies that provide Environmental Services such as:

 wetlands, levees, lakes & reservoirs, landfills, and more.

Remediation Services (i.e., those that provide for the cleanup of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or groundwater); and providing septic pumping and other miscellaneous waste management services. 

 This industry is composed of three industry groups within the sub-sector that separate into waste collection, waste treatment and disposal, and remediation and other waste management. 

This industry needs;

 Waste Water Treatment Plant Operators

System Operators

Recycling and Reclamation Workers

Waste Treatment Workers

And More...


Start your training today - help decrease the wastefulness of earth natural resources.

Waste Collection - NAICS Code: 5621

Waste Treatment and Disposal

NAICS Code: 5622

Remediation and Other Waste Management Services

 NAICS Code: 5629 

Beautify Earth


Receive certified training to help clean-up wastefulness due to humankind carelessness with new technology.

Our Heavenly FATHER entrusted the earth to humankind- Help to keep it producing natural resources (herbs, spices, minerals, nutrients and more) for the next generation.

Environmental Instructors


Let our Environmental Instructors help you put the pieces together. Our Instructors are certified  with years of experience that meets DOT, EPA, & OSHA polices, rules and regulations.


With help from Above, the next generation to experience clean air, water, and other natural resource

With help from Above, we as a nation will be able to utilize new technology to help save earth from devastation for the next generation to experience clean air, water, and other natural resources.

Show that you care!


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