Training and Education Platforms

Utilities Industry

 Manhole Rehabilitation Program 
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Utilities Industry - construction, treatment facilities, waste, water  sewage, electrical power transmission, airports, dams, and natural gas delivery.

Training and Education Programs

Non-Profit Organization (501c3)

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Nuclear Energy Industry


Nuclear Energy Industry - Did you know 

Nuclear power plants are the source of about 20% of annual U.S. electricity generation.

 The sun is basically a giant ball of hydrogen gas undergoing fusion and giving off vast amounts of energy in the process. 

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Training- Education Programs  Available

 A Non-Profit Organization (501c3)

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Waste Management and Remediation Industry

Waste Industry

Waste Management and Remediation Industry - waste collection, waste treatment and disposal, and remediation and other waste management. 

Train to gain full-time employment with  companies that provides remediation services such as; cleanup of contaminated buildings, mine sites, soil, or groundwater. Also, consider employment with companies that provides septic pumping and other miscellaneous waste management services.

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Non-Profit Organization (501c3)

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Safety & Training Programs

First Aid & CPR Training


Students are required to take a First Aid/CPR Course (Child/Adult). Students will take the course and pass the exam, upon passing the student will be issued a certificate.

Blood-borne Pathogens Training

 Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans.

 Blood-borne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans. Students will learn how to  reduce or eliminate the hazards of occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens,  

OSHA 10 Construction Training


OSHA 10-Hour Construction Training topics include:

  • Fall protection
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Electrocution
  • OSHA inspection procedures
  • And more

OSHA 30 Construction Training


 OSHA 30-Hour Construction topics include:

  • Major Fall, Caught-In/-Between, Struck-By and Electrocution Hazards (OSHA Construction Focus Four)
  • Protection from Crane Hazards
  • Steel Structure Hazards
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Fire Hazards
  • Activities That May Cause MSD and RMD Injuries
  • Choosing and Using Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • And more!

Hazwoper 4 hrs- 8hrs-40 hrs


Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (Hazwoper ) training is required for students whose jobs will put them in contact with hazardous waste. It is also designed for students whose job will put them in an emergency response operations and those who will deal with storage, disposal or treatment of hazardous substances or uncontrolled hazardous waste. This can be in the form of a Health or Physical uncertain. Recruits will learn the difference between Health and physical hazardous. Student will take course hours required. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate after a three day field training.

 Refresher courses are available for those that need to update their certification.